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Electronic Target Usage at Greenwood

The Highpower group has purchased Electronic Targets to use during Matches and for Junior Training.

Some individuals have expressed interest in purchasing Electronic targets for Personal use at Greenwood.  In accordance with our rules this would not be allowed.  However, the Board addressed this at the September 2019 Board Meeting. 

If anyone wants to purchase/build/use electronic targets they must contact the Highpower Director (or Designee).  The plans/construction of the targets will be reviewed, and rules of use will be discussed with Member.

The Highpower Director (or Designee) has been authorized to issue a permission letter to the member for use of Electronic Target if he approves the design and construction of the target.

NOTE: the two types of Electronic Targets we evaluated for Highpower were SOLO by Silver Mountain https://www.silvermountaintargets.com/  and Shotmarker  https://www.autotrickler.com/shotmarker.html.

We elected to use Shotmarker as it appears to function better for matches.  However, both are adequate for individual usage.

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