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COWBOY ACTION (updated 5/20/2024)

Next Cowboy Action Match is scheduled for Sunday, June 9th, 2024. (Start shooting immediately after 8:30am safety meeting, come early).

Next Cowboy practice day scheduled for Saturday, June 1st (8:00am to noon).

Next "first" Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Match scheduled for Saturday, May 25th (practice starts at 8am, registration at 9am, match starts at 10am). 

May match results: May 12 2024 final scores.pdf

Cowboy Matches: Our cowboy action matches are held the second Sunday of each month and cost $15 bucks. We have a short Safety meeting at 8:30am and the posse assignments and shooting starts after that meeting. Cowboy town (range) is accessible at the far-right end of the Greenwood Club. Take the road around to left of maintenance buildings, we're located behind the 25yd pistol berms. Our cowboy director (Slimy) can add you to our emailing list and provide gate access code for match days. Spectators are welcome (eye and ear protection mandatory). Safety meeting at 8:30 AM (must attend to shoot). Best to show-up by 8am so you have time to get ready. Shooting starts after safety meeting. Fort Tyler (Cowboy Town) will be in use for this match until about noon. See SASS link below for more information on the cowboy action shooting discipline.

New in 2023 - Cowboy practice on first Saturday of month, including cowboy lever rifle silhouette shooters (start 8:00am): We now have monthly Cowboy Action practice scheduled for the first Saturday of each month. New and expert shooters are welcome. The regular cowboy pistol, shotgun, rifle, and Cody Dixon targets are available for practice, as well as our new lever action steel silhouettes and plates from 64 meters out to 300 meters. Please use lead bullets only on the cowboy targets (jacketed OK for rifle silhouette knock down steel, see range rules below). Gas checks OK for lead rifle projectiles. Number #7 is maximum size bird shot size allowed on shotgun targets. Remember eye and hearing protection required for everyone on the range including spectators! There are newly built benches on the far right of town available for longer range shooting (100 meters - 300 meters) so bring your Buffalo rifles practice days. 

Contacts: Cowboy director "Slimy" aka Scott Miller can be contacted at scottlittlefish@hotmail.com. Other local highly skilled cowboy shooters that can provide help are Charles Webb (aka Rail Boss), Chris Browning (aka Hoof), and Steve Horelica (aka Rowdy Yates).

New in 2024 - Precision long range 22lr & air rifle shooting following cowboy practice and cowboy match days (starting at 12:30pm on first Saturday and second Sunday). Lever rifle silhouette shooters also welcome to practice at this time! There is now scheduled "long range" air-rifle and .22lr rifle practice available at the cowboy range following the normal cowboy matches and cowboy practice days. See the 2024 range schedule. Benches are available on far right of range with steel targets from 50 to 335 yards. Our hope is to add formal matches if there's enough interest. For 22lr long range rifle silhouette shooting you'll want a rifle and ammo combo capable of shooting 1-1.5 moa at 100 yards. We're experimenting with 1/10th and 1/5th scale steel silhouettes at 64 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters and 200 meters shot supported from bench. 

For more information or to get on the emailing list contact Steve Efird (713-825-3343, email Stephenefird@att.net) who is coordinating the air-rifle and 22lr rifle scheduled practice sessions. 

New in 2024 - Cowboy lever action rifle silhouette match on last Saturday of the month (9:00am)! We are starting a new match shot with lever action rifles (single shot rifles welcome too) shot standing at full size steel silhouettes. We'll shoot chickens at 64 meters, pigs at 100 meters, turkeys at 150 meters and rams at 200 meters. Swinger steel at each distance available for sighters.  The match is designed so center-fire rifle and pistol caliber rifles can compete (i.e. 30-30, 38-55, 45-70, 357, 44-40, 44mag, 45 Colt, etc.). See the schedule for match dates and practice sessions. Match days: 8am practice, 9am registration, 10am match starts.

For more information or to get on the emailing list contact Joe DeForke (281-734-6939, email j.deforke@icloud.com) who is coordinating the new lever rifle silhouette match.

New in 2025 (TBD) - Vintage military bolt rifle steel challenge. If there is enough intertest, we can start shooting those excellent old military service rifles that are collecting dust under your bed (i.e. 1898 Krag, Springfield 1903, 03-A3, K98, various Mausers, Enfield 1917, Enfield #4, Mosin Nagant, etc., etc.). Ringing steel at varying distances. We might consider making this a lead projectile only match like some of the other vintage bolt matches that shoot on paper at 200 yards (i.e. costs less, less punishing, better selection of steel targets). Let the cowboy director know if you are interested and your ideas how to make this happen.      

Useful links: SASS, Texas Historical Shootist Society (THSS), Lever Rifle Silhouette 

Greenwood Match Schedule: 2024 Range Schedule



LEVER RIFLE MATCH DAY IS LAST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH (8am practice, 9am registration, 10am match).

** Practice sessions are available for precision 22lr rimfire, air-rifle and cowboy lever rifle silhouette following the cowboy matches and cowboy practice days (starting at 12:30pm).



  1. Access to the cowboy range is only allowed during scheduled or non-scheduled matches and practice sessions when the cowboy director or a board approved "key-holder" is present.

  2. Designated key-holders are familiar with the particulars of shooting steel targets on our range and which targets can be shot with various types’ projectiles and calibers of firearms.

  3. Eye protection is mandatory for all persons on the cowboy range at all times, including spectators. 

  4. No cross firing allowed. Shooters must only engage steel directly in front of them with impact berm behind the target.

  5. There are three categories of steel targets commonly used on the range;

    1. Cowboy pistol, shotgun, rifle and Cody Dixon rifle steel targets can only be shot with low velocity cowboy SASS type lead loads (gas checks OK on Cody Dixon rifle targets). Cowboy targets are painted white and are located on the main part of range in front of cowboy town. Ammo used on cowboy action steel targets must be lead with the maximum velocity for revolvers of 1000 fps and maximum velocity for rifles of 1400 fps. Shotgun limited to #7 lead bird shot or smaller. 

    2. Air rifle and 22 rimfire only steel targets are painted white and are located on the far-right side of the range down the 300-meter alley and generally are small in size. These steel targets may only be shot with 22 rimfire or appropriate air-rifle projectiles. 

    3. The knock down steel silhouette animal targets (i.e. chicken, pig, turkey, ram) may be shot with up to full power black powder Buffalo rifle cartridges or equivalent smokeless loads (i.e. 45-70, 38-55, 30-30, etc.) and pistol caliber rifles or pistols. Lead or jacketed projectiles are OK. These silhouettes are located at 64, 100, 150, and 200 meters to the left and down the 300-meter alley. Also, the white fixed steel plates down the 300-meter alley can be shot with these types of firearms, including 22 rimfires.

  6. If you are not sure which targets can be safely engaged with your firearm, caliber or projectile, seek clarification from the on-site "key-holder" or cowboy director before shooting.

Greenwood Gun Club Safety and Range Rules

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