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High Power Matches Registration Open to the Public - Registration Closes at 0730

Next Match will be Saturday January 16

Because of COVID-19, this is the protocol for registration and participation:

1. If you do not feel well, do not come out to shoot.

2. If you have symptoms relating to the corona-virus, do not come out to shoot.

3. We will check your temperature with an infrared thermometer at the beginning of the match. 

If you have fever, (100.0F or higher), you will not shoot at the match.

4. Please observe all social distancing guidelines. Avoid bunching up before, during and after the match.

5. We are limiting the registration to 20 shooters.

6. The match will be shot on Electronic Targets- Park at 300 and report to the 200 yd line for registration

7.  CMP scorecards will be used. 

8. Scores will be turned in to the CMP.

We have completed filling in the pits and installing target stands (at ground level) to hang electronic targets. 

High Power Matches are now being run with electronic targets. If you wish to shoot a match please bring a smart phone or tablet to allow you to login to the electronic target system so you can view your scores.

Greenwood Gun Club is a 501(c)(7) organization owned and operated in Brazoria County since 1958.

Greenwood Gun Club · PO Box 1441 · Lake Jackson, TX 77566