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NEW MEMBERS/APPLICATION PROCESS (updated October 30, 2018)

Do not e-mail asking about how to become a member or how to bypass this process as your e-mail will not be answered. We will only respond to e-mails from Active Duty Military and Law Enforcement.

Applications for new membership will begin after renewals are complete in January of 2019

We will not respond to E Mails from individuals concerning membership. All information is on this website. When we open membership in 2019, a current member can provide you with the information you need to become a new member through on-line registration. If you do not know a current member,  look at the calendar available on this website- go to some matches - all matches are open to the public.  Members work at virtually every business in Brazoria County, so you probably work with someone that is a member or knows a member.

Membership Requirements

Greenwood Gun Club is a private Social Club and is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. Membership at Greenwood Gun Club is capped. The Board of Directors has determined that the range capacity has been reached and that membership must be maintained at current levels.  We have multiple classes of members, with total membership limited to approximately 2,100.

NOTE: Law Enforcement (LEO) Members and Active Duty Military (MIL) Members memberships do not count against the total allowed membership and have a restricted membership. If you meet requirement shown below you may contact the Membership Director at membership@greenwoodgunclub.org for membership information. Ensure you have in your e-mail what type of Membership (LEO or MIL)  you would like and a copy of documentation showing you meet the requirements


All new members are inducted as Regular Members, Disabled Veteran, Law Enforcement Only (LEO) Members or as Active Duty Military (MIL) Members.

Regular Members – This membership category constitutes the majority of our members. Regular Members have the right to utilize all range facilities during the normal hours of operation and are required to follow all range safety rules. Family members 18 and older residing at the same address as the Regular Member have unescorted guest privileges to use all range facilities.  Annual membership is $100 with a $54 one-time initiation fee.

Disabled Veteran (DV) Members – A Veteran who is 60% or more disabled due to injuries received while serving in the Military. DV dues are $50.00 per year.  DV Members have all rights and privileges as Regular Members.
Law Enforcement (LEO) Members – Membership is limited to active peace officers licensed in Brazoria County and living in Brazoria County.  This Membership does not allow Family or Guest to use the range ONLY the LEO member can use the range.  Annual Membership is $15.00. This membership expires when individual no longer meets requirements.
Active Duty Military (MIL) Members – Membership is limited to active duty military personnel living in Brazoria County or whose home of record is in Brazoria County.  Spouse and Dependents (18 and older) residing at the same address as the MIL Member have unescorted guest privileges to use all range facilities. Annual Membership is $15.00. This membership expires when individual no longer meets requirements.


Greenwood Gun Club is a 501(c)(7) organization owned and operated in Brazoria County since 1958.

Greenwood Gun Club · PO Box 1441 · Lake Jackson, TX 77566