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PISTOL (updated 11/30/2022)

The next match is Saturday December 10th and includes a rifle stage after the pistol stages are complete. 

The national organization is United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). Greenwood Practical Pistols is an affiliated club of USPSA. We conduct local matches every second Saturday of the month from 8:30am-2:00pm (signups at 8am & hammer down at 9am). Please be prepared to help with stage tear downs. We're a small club and rely on everyone's help to keep these matches going.

We manage the match by the USPSA rules and have a classifier stage, where the score is submitted to national for ranking. A local match is called a Level I match and you do not need to be a member of USPSA to shoot. Other matches Level II, III, Area, Regional and National you do need to be a member to participate.

Match fees are: $20.00 for Greenwood member, $25.00 for non-Greenwood member. Your very first shoot is free. Our local match is from 85-120 rounds, I suggest 200 in case you need to re-shoot a stage.

A couple of times a year we cancel the local match, so always check this site for next match information. If you’re inclined to help, we start building the stages @ 07:00am. We request everyone help with teardown after the match.

Take a look at the national WEB site, www.uspsa.org, they have a new shooter section. On the USPSA site is the rule book with the requirements for each division (guns, mags, accessories), please review. Safety is of critical importance so review all gun handling rules and safety requirements!   

You need to decide which gun division you want to compete in: Open, Limited, Limited 10, Production, Revolver and Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC), have holster and mag holders for your firearm, and have eye and ear protection. We shoot an optional additional rifle stage at the end of the day, so bring your 3-gun type rifles and enough ammo for one stage (~30 rounds).

3-Gun match: We have two 3-gun matches this year that will be shot at the clubs Cowboy town. You'll need appropriate rifle, shotgun and pistol, plus ammo for 5 to 6 stages. See national WEB site, www.uspsa.org, for information about 3-gun shooting and safety rules. Cost is $25 (donation to pro 2A organization) and Bill serves his famous chili for lunch. Next 3-gun match will be in 2023.

 2022 Schedule 

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